Ambulante Operationen

Out-patient surgery

If irregular moles are discovered during a standard skin check-up, then it needs to be surgically removed and biopsied. Generally, the removal is done with a local anaesthetic on an out-patient basis in our own surgical room located in our practice.

At the request of patients, the surgical room is also used for the cosmetic removal of bothersome skin changes (such as fibroids or seborrheic warts). The cost of these cosmetic procedures is covered by the patient. Each operation is preceded by a consultation (often given at the conclusion of a regular skin check-up) in which the surgical procedures, the expected result, as well as the necessary care pre and post-operation are discussed. Surgical appointments are generally given in advance, primarily on Wednesday mornings. An additional appointment 10-12 days after surgery will be given if the removal of stitches is necessary.

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