(Excessive Sweating)

Some people suffer from an increased sweat production on the hands, feet, underarms, or over the whole body.  Even though it usually has more to do with an individual’s perception and less likely to be the result of an illness, people affected by this often feel limited in their daily lives and avoid close social contact.

Increased sweat production, however, is treatable.  If special deodorants, powders, or sage teas don’t provide enough relief, then medical interventions can be utilized.  These range from preparations and gels containing aluminum chloride, pills, to botox injections.  For these procedures, the patient usually must pay privately.  Finally, there is also iontophoresis treatment in which the effected body part (hands, feet) are placed in a water bath which is flooded with low current electricity.  For a successful therapy, it is generally recommended to have 15-20 sessions.  Usually this procedure is covered by most insurances.